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Hello dear participant,

here is again the introduction what you are supposed to do during this experiment: If you still have questions, feel free to give me a call or write an email and hopefully I can help!

Introduction and task explanation

first of all, I’d like to thank you for attending this experiment and helping me with my master thesis. My name is Christian Voigt and with this study I try to examine user experience on websites.

Here is a short overview how this experiment is conducted: 

1) You start the experiment by pressing the “Start” button at the lower end of this page. (Well, at this point you already achieved this step, good job!)

2) You will be forwarded to a fictional online shop. (here you are 😉 )

3) You fulfil the following task: Buy a hoodie with a zipper! 

The task is fulfilled as soon as you hit the purchase button. Please be aware that this is an experiment where you will NOT receive any delivery and you do NOT have to pay anything.

4) After you “bought” the hoodie you will be forwarded to a survey, which I kindly ask you to fill out.

Every information and consent you will be asked to give will NOT be stored or used. Further, you will not be able to add any payment details to protect your own data. Please have this in mind, but act like you would normally act when purchasing goods only.

The estimated time to complete the purchase is 1-3 minutes. 

The survey will take around 5 minutes.

If any questions occur please do not hesitate to contact me. ( (+43 6504251811)

Thank you again for participating, it is highly appreciated!

Christian Voigt