Hoodie with Zipper


A no-logo hoodie with a relaxed fit and a zipper.

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A classic, timeless Hoodie with a zipper that goes anywhere and pairs with nearly anything.

No matter if sporty, casual, gangster, or comfy - this hoodie supports every style and every mood.

The Hoodie with a zipper features:

• drawstring-adjustable two-layer hood
• no logo
• kangaroo pocket
• stretch rib cuffs and bottom band
• relaxed fit
• 80% cotton and 20 % hemp, the mix that makes you feel comfy

Additional information

Kangaroo Pocket

Allows you quick and easy access to your daily essentials 

Soft, Breathable Fabric

Made out of 80% cotton and 20 % hemp – organic and made in the EU

Fair Trade Certified™ sewn

The people who made this Hoddie earned a reasonable premium for their labor.


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